Pro Choice? Pro Life?

I’ll just give my take on this subject and gladly listen to any opposing views. Yes, this topic is never-ending and frustrating from both points of view. I do not understand, though, the anger from either camp. Sure, we don’t all see things in the same light, but I fail to compute why this would make people angry with each other.

I, myself, am anti-abortion all the way but my heart still bleeds for the girl making the painful decision to terminate her pregnancy. For one thing she would rather not be in that position and for another, she absolutely feels she is doing nothing wrong. I believe that for someone to do wrong she would have to have knowledge of wrongdoing and do it anyway and whether it even is wrong is a hotly debated conclusion. When a woman mourns a failed pregnancy she is mourning the loss of her very wanted baby but when another woman aborts a child (fetus) of the same gestation she believes she is shedding a clump of cells. They are both right, in fact all humans are basically the sum of their cells, but human still. Why is the humanity of an unborn baby determined by whether or not his mother wants him? I believe that a human soul begins at the moment of conception but I’ll concede that point if I were ever presented with proof, or even a very convincing argument to the contrary. However no one has presented any yet. In assuming that pro-abortionists do not believe this to be so I would challenge them to definitively prove it. If neither side can prove when life is human then I would question the wisdom of thinking that it doesn’t matter. How is there any logic in thinking that our birth canals are magic tunnels that change a ‘fetus’ into a human being? I also think it would be a stretch, even for a pro-abortionist, to admire the young mother in the neighbourhood who routinely has several abortions a year as her method of birth control. Grade two or three math teaches us that anything multiplied by zero is zero, therefore multiple abortions would be no worse than one!

If it is never going to be possible to convince everyone that abortion is…or is not murder than asking, indeed expecting, tax dollars to pay for it is absolutely unethical. I do not want to pay for what I consider legal murder. Our health care system is meant to keep people alive and well, not kill them. I look at the horrors of the LEGAL slave trade and how black people were treated like they were not human and any civilized person today can see how insane that was. Perhaps, as society evolves further, civilized people will look back and muse at the insanity of a society that LEGALLY slaughtered their own unborn children.

I so often hear the complaints about valuing the unborn but not caring at all about starving children. This is just so hollow and out of left field as I doubt they have ever met those opposing values in one person or group. Most theories that value human life include all human lives, regardless of age ( pre birth or after having been born). I am not above being convinced that my view on this may be flawed but I have never heard a single shred of a convincing argument. Basically the only one I hear is that women should be allowed to do whatever they want with their own bodies and I support that all the way but the body that gets killed during an abortion belongs to an innocent baby who has no say what so ever! How does that make any sense? We do not have the right to hurt or kill people because we want to do so. It seems to be a struggle that won’t end but in one area there should be no debate at all. Yes, one has the right to her own opinion but has no such right to expect taxpayers, who vehemently believe that abortion is murder, to cough up their tax dollars to pay for it. That is an abhorrent defiance of logic! Whichever side of the debate we are on, can’t we all agree to not make our fellow person’s life more difficult just because they don’t agree with us?

I will happily read any opposing viewpoints, ones that make sense and even those that don’t. I really think everyone should be heard and also listen so we all learn something.

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