The “R” Word….

Racism; a dirty word used to describe the practice of giving any weight to race, by any one of any race. I, personally don’t believe there are different races amongst human beings; only ethnicities and cultural differences. Whether you believe in evolution or creation of Adam and Eve makes no difference what so ever. In either case humans came into being through the first human and in one particular place. Everyone else has descended from there. Now, obviously ,over time and centuries people migrated all over the world and then adapted to the different environments. Some had their skin, eyes and hair darken and naturally had their hair thicken to protect them against the weather. Others ( I’m going to use Scots here because I’m a MacDonald), who didn’t have a lot of sun, tended to stay pale with blue eyes.

We live in North America though and people from all over the world live here now and have mingled for generations. The ‘white’ no longer look like the pasty Scots with sharp, defined features and the ‘blacks’ no longer look like they came form the dark reaches of Africa because it would just be crazy to think that ‘white and black ‘ blood haven’t been mixing for many ,many generations. However these are all just outside attributes. We all came from the same ancestors. Period.

If your skin is black you may say to me’ but you don’t understand what we go through on a daily basis’ and you are right. I don’t know, first hand how that feels but I don’t have to understand it to know that I believe you. I know with all my being that this world, this culture is not fair to everyone. There are things that cannot be changed unless we change them. Here is the problem though. Looking for racism where ever you can find it is not helping. If I thought that it was doing anything to progress us into a non racist society I would say’ keep doing that!’ Sadly we know that this is not the answer. People are constantly finding racism where it doesn’t exist and this is hurting progression. My granddaughter was at school with two friends and all of them had just gotten a brand new I phone. My granddaughter is white and these girls were both black. They marveled at how they all had the same phone, except that two of the phones were white and one was black. My granddaughter said that two of them were exactly the same, colour and everything and the one with the black phone called her out for being a racist! The other girls were dumbfounded! Since when are phones different ‘races’? We need to start with the younger generation. My granddaughter and her white girlfriends are constantly musing out loud that they wish they were black because their friends( boys who are black) tease them about dancing like white girls. They are all so comfortable with skin colour being nothing more than skin colour that they don’t feel the need to be politically correct or uptight in any way.

As for the current grown-up society I have a few points that bother me. When did it become ‘politically correct’ to call black people African-American/Canadian. If I see a black person all I know is his skin colour, not his heritage. I do, however, know people who are, indeed, African-Canadian. They were born in Africa and regularly return to visit relatives. They speak with a South African accent and absolutely no one sees them as anything but white. The majority of people called African-Canadian have never been to Africa and don’t even know anyone who lives there. If they have to trace their roots through umpteen generations then we are able to do that. Every person walking this earth can trace his roots to Africa!

Also the word ‘nigger’ is a vulgar derogatory term that is not cute to use if you happen to be black. It is not appropriate to leave the lips of any living being. It is aggravating that popular rap songs and others use this word, thereby encouraging kids, singing along to the lyrics, to be comfortable with the word. There is no excuse and skin colour can’t excuse bad behaviour. This word was almost eradicated from use ( except by socially unacceptable clods) but is making a reappearance due to these songs!

I also don’t understand the theory under which if a person has any small percentage of black blood he is black. If he has a black father he is black and yet if he has a white mother he is also black (Obama). If the same two parents produce children of different colours are they two different races? They have the identical heritage!

I do know families like this, as does probably everybody in this day and age.

I could talk forever on this subject as I am impassioned about it but I will touch upon it in another blog and in the meantime will read and learn from any responses from this one.

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