Paparazzi…..We love to hate them !

Paparazzi, don’t we all love to hate them? They stalk celebrities and even their children. They try to get the most private, restricted photos that no one else can get. Sometimes it seems rude and downright frightening to the subjects of their sought after pictures.

Well I, for one, feel bad about the poor reputation they receive from the general public. It isn’t the most revered profession in the world but it is their livelihood. If they were to stand in a crowd and take a picture that could be taken by anyone there the shots would be worthless. Therefore, the very nature of their work entails aggravation to the subjects involved. Is it fair that celebrities can’t have their children out for some family fun without being hounded? Heck, no!.

Here’s the thing though. Who has the power to change that? Paparazzi are largely promoting the careers of actors and such. If celebrities disappeared from the public view so would their careers. Much like an antibiotic, paparazzi is a necessary evil. An antibiotic will nauseate me but also cure me of an infection. So are the paparazzi a necessary evil to the careers of actors. Celebrities can easily be out of the public eye and have no paparazzi interested in them at all if they chose , instead , to be teachers, nurses, retailers or just about anything else. It would mean not making millions and millions of dollars but it would ‘protect’ their children. When they become irritated that Paparazzi will not leave alone their children they get on my nerves. They expect these photographers, who make far less money, to give up their livelihood to protect the children of parents who choose to do no such thing! Do they not realize that the enormous salaries they make are compensation for the job they do and the fallout that comes along with it? This is why ‘big time actors’ command much bigger paycheques than the newcomers, just breaking into the business. I do feel bad that it seems to be a life consuming process dodging paparazzi but they are your bread and butter when you need them and your cross to bear when you don’t want them around. It’s part of your chosen profession and if it is too much for you to handle there are many, many others careers you are free to pursue!

With the news of paparazzi bashing by people such as Alec Baldwin, Lindsey Lohan, Selena Gomez, Kanye West, as well as a host of others comes some resentment from the general public. These people would not have money or careers if nobody knew them yet there is a certain bit of arrogance to feel entitled to what ever you want and need while denying others of making a simple living. I don’t think they necessarily need to be happy to be chased around and never have a moment of privacy or anonymity but they should definitely accept it as a small price to pay for the enormous rewards they reap, in no small part because of the paparazzi that they despise!!

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