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Trump….President Donald Trump!…

I think I’m safe in assuming that I am not the only person in North America who is sick and tired of the ill spirited bashing of opposing political views concerning the governing of the United States of America. It seems that there is no bandwagon anywhere to remain unboarded. Yes, it was unprecedented in American elections that the fight was down to one ‘evil’ or another. Hillary supporters think Trump fans are utterly stupid and the reverse is every bit as true.

I am still seeing countless threads on Facebook of otherwise good and decent people viciously attacking each other for not having the same viewpoint as their own! Families are fighting, friends are angry with each other. It is so disheartening to see this behavior repeated over and over. To be fair, there can be a lot of negative trash, actual facts, to be brought up about Donald Trump but is there anyone, anywhere who thinks that Hillary is a perfect choice? She is every bit as dishonest and hideous as Donald, albeit more refined and presentable. NEITHER candidate was even, remotely, a positive choice for this country and so some went with one and some went with the other.

If anyone is pro Hillary and thinks she would have been a better choice then he/she best get familiar with google. America was in a lose/lose situation and, truthfully, it is probably more a case of  one voted out than the other voted in. None of this speaks to the biting, hostility presenting itself to no apparent end. I wonder, when one is attacking someone with an opposing take on who is more corrupt, to friends and family, just what is the objective. I can promise you that “enlightening’ each other to your view, as opposed to their own, is not going to happen!. Each side thinks it is right and the other is wrong but, really, what is the productivity in bashing one another? So if the other side cannot be swayed and there is simply no productivity in this endless banter is there some feeling of superiority that comes from citing endless facts that are accessible to everyone with a computer? Does it make one feel intelligent?  If that is the motivation to cause hard and hurt feelings, to incite anger and resentment, do you feel proud of it? Really?

There has been so much crossing of the line of decency that everyone who has taken part in ridiculing either Trump or Hillary owns some responsibility for the likes of Kathy Griffin, among others. It has suddenly become ‘fashionable’ to be disgusting to other human beings, namely Donald Trump! It is truly a fashion that is shameful. We teach are children to not be bullies but they see throngs of grown, ‘respectable’ adults play the bully game endlessly! It makes no sense and it brings no good of any kind!  I am equally sure that if Hillary had been elected into office this whole circus would be going on.

Historically, there has never been a president elected by one hundred percent of the voters but this outrageous behavior of otherwise normal people is unprecedented. The election is over and so should be the fighting. Trust me, if there was anything productive in any of this it wouldn’t be so repulsive but THERE IS NOT! I have no favorite here but if I did I would just keep my mouth shut. If I were a Donald fan (very unpopular) I wouldn’t be looking for combat as it is not hard at all to find. If I were a Hillary fan (just as unpopular) I would be smart enough to not be involved at all, given that the ONLY two possible outcomes would be that Donald would be a raging success ( embarrassing after all I had to say on the prediction of his demise) or that he would fail miserably, thereby giving credence to my beliefs, to the utter despair of the formally strongest country in the world. Which is it that you prefer? If it is the latter then what kind of a person are you? It’s time to hope for the best and be the best that we can be in the meantime.

2 thoughts on “Trump….President Donald Trump!…

    1. This point is entirely irrelevant to the blog! Allowing yourself to think your opinion ‘trumps’ anyone else’s, no matter how many share either one and no matter how strongly you feel ( maybe even if you actually are right) is not a very attractive quality.


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